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Self-leadership is an important topic in today´s complex and dynamic work environment. The aim of the webinar is to enable practitioners to gain an awareness of self-leadership and how to cultivate self-leadership skills aligned to their own values and the values of the social work profession. We will consider why self-leadership is important in your personal and professional development as a social worker and what helps to shape your leadership style. Self-leadership has been shown to result in greater career success and more job satisfaction. We will discuss what effective self-leadership looks like and how to grow your potential as a leader by effectively leading yourself.


Daniela Collins is a qualified First Level Mental Health Nurse, Manager, Educator and a Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, London. Daniella has specialised and worked in mental health, psychological health and substance misuse services. Daniela completed an MSc in Mental Health at the Medical School, King’s College London in 2004, and is a qualified Corporate and Executive Coach with the Coaching Academy London. Daniela is an active faculty mentor for staff and is currently working towards completing a PhD.

Daniela has several awards for excellence in practice. She was elected by faculty and was awarded the Middlesex University Teaching Fellowship in 2015, for an outstanding personal excellence in teaching and supporting learning.


  • To define the concept of self-leadership and adaptive self-leadership; to gain an understanding of leadership theories and styles.
  • To be able to distinguish between self-leadership and self-management and consider what evidence-based effective self-leadership looks like.
  • To develop an awareness of their own strengths and leadership style and explore strategies to further develop their own potential as a leader.


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*This session is open to social workers and staff working in social care across the Teaching Partnership (Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington Councils and Norwood).

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