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Researching the implementation of alcohol IBA (identification and brief advice) in non-medical contexts (including social work)

  • Sean Collinge
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This session will be based on discussion of a funded research project: ‘The role of IBA training in non-medical settings’ (funded by Alcohol Research UK). After a brief introduction to the reasons for undertaking research into the role of training to encourage implementation of IBA in non-medical settings, the session will focus on how the research was designed and carried out. It will describe the initial study design and discuss reasons why we failed to implement the research as intended. (Failure of research methods is rarely presented in published works). The concept of ‘bricolage’ will be introduced and presented as a pragmatic response to carrying out the research – even if not as intended. The session will then provide a brief overview of what we actually did and will focus on the social work component of the study – how it was researched and what the findings were.

Participants will be encouraged to think critically about the research methods, the possible effects of the methods on the information collected and on our understanding and interpretation of the results.

This half day session, delivered by Dr. Betsy Thom, Professor of Health Policy at Middlesex University, aims to:

  • Facilitate development of critical approaches to research design and methods
  • Stimulate ideas about alternative approaches to conducting research
  • Encourage reflection on the links between research design/ methods, data collected, research findings and interpretation

13.30 Registration and lunch
14.00 Start
16.30 Finish

This session is open to Social Workers and staff working in Social Care across the Teaching Partnership (Barnet, Hackney, Haringey, Enfield, and Norwood).



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