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Learning Symposium: Working with challenging behaviours using the principles of motivational interviewing 

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This session will be delivered by Dr Carmel Clancy, Professor of Mental Health & Addictions and Head of Department for Mental Health, Social Work and Integrative Medicine, School of Health & Education, Middlesex University.

This symposium seeks to introduce and explore techniques and approaches, underpinned by motivational interviewing principles, on how challenging behaviours might be addressed and resolution supported. We will be covering learning from participants direct experiences of what has worked, not worked, and perhaps exacerbated situations. There will be the opportunity to rehearse key MI skills during the session using partner work; and we will be signposting to websites for participants who may wish to follow up for additional information/ support/ resources/ training.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Exploring and identifying how to recognise resistance and work with it.
  2. Exploring what we mean by ‘motivation’ and ‘readiness for change’.
  3. Understanding principles of motivational interviewing and application of MI techniques in everyday practice.

Note: this is not an MI training course participants seeking specific training in Motivational Interviewing should visit the following website http://www.motivationalinterviewing.org/

* This session is open to Social Workers and staff working in Social Care across the Teaching Partnership (Barnet, Enfield, Hackney, and Haringey Councils, and Norwood).

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